Friday, March 6, 2009

Inferno 6hr #1 at OHV

Last sunday a few friends and I headed out to Old Hidden Vale, out west of Ipswich.
The Inferno series is two 6hr races held in the middle of a Queensland summer! And bloody hell, it was hot, somewhere around 37degrees before we finished at 1pm.
I finished a solid 5th place, the first half I was riding quickly and comfortably, the Air9 was rolling the rough and railing the single track with ease but them the heat really set in and the rider started to suffer, my lap times trialed off and it was a case of survival. I did pull up stumps early but had 10 laps (100kms) in the bag.
The No Tubes Raven tyres where given a run this weekend, with plenty of grip on the hard pack surface the low weight (500gms) of these tyres is a great help over a long distance.
Meg, my regular training/riding buddy won the open ladies division with 9 laps, she was on her trusty stead, a Ventana El Fuego, a bike she has ridden to many age group wins in the last 3 years.

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